The Medtech Development Hub provides a home for nascent hospital-based medtech projects.  By offering space, tools and a welcoming and supportive community, it supports early-stage collaboration between engineers, clinicians, and entrepreneurs, and both enhances opportunities to connect with the healthcare system and simplifies the process of gaining access to specialized facilities in the local network of research facilities.  Through broader connections to development-focused groups such as the Medical Device Development Centre and the entrepreneurship@UBC program, the DevHub helps put emerging ventures on more solid ground.

Innovating for emerging markets

The fast-growing markets for health technology offer opportunities for the medtech industry to reinvent its role in advancing health care. It is crucial for the medtech industry to align its strategy and priorities with health care needs — to optimize efficiencies and costs, to improve outcomes, and to expand access for patients.

By breaking down barriers between engineering, medicine and the business world, the Medtech Development Hub sparks opportunities and encourages early collaboration in medical technology. The collaborative environment stimulates health research activities and nurtures a cooperative culture around the health care system and industry in BC.

Collaborative research not only catalyzes the development of medical technologies and devices, but also offers significant reach to bring affordable solutions to address unmet clinical needs around the world.

The Medtech Development Hub is equipped with a range of user-friendly design and prototyping facilities aimed at drawing in the broader community and uniting clinicians and engineers through collaborative research and development projects.  It especially encourages graduating students to take the next steps towards commercializing the results of their research. Collectively, engineers, clinical leaders and entrepreneurs can use the hub to accelerate the development and adoption of new medical and surgical technologies.

Removing the bottleneck between research and market place

There is considerable value in bridging the gap between research and commercialization of new medical technologies. PHIX supports BC entrepreneurs in introducing leading-edge products, processes and services to the health care sectors. It aims to play a pivotal role in promoting Canada’s culture of entrepreneurship.  Improved rates of technology development and commercialization will mean that more ideas developed in BC will pass the test of the marketplace, leading to innovation, health and economic benefits within Canada.

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