health care breakthroughs in BC

On average, health care and technology innovations take 17 years to get adopted system-wide in BC.  That’s far too long. To kickstart a healthier system, we are creating a new health innovation hub on the VGH campus.

Inspire change

PHIX aims to inspire change and experimentation in health care. We see PHIX as a chance to improve collaboration across the research network, and facilitate system­-wide change towards a more streamlined health care system.

Speed up adoption

It’s time to create products and services that serve patients better. Technology and treatment options sometimes get stalled at the implementation stage: PHIX believes it’s time to accelerate adoption.

Share the space

In proven environments of innovation, breakthroughs happen when collisions are allowed to occur between unconnected ideas. By creating a space designed for serendipitous encounters, we believe health innovation can flourish.

Global science breakthroughs on the Broadway corridor.


In an area pinpointed by the City of Vancouver for needed development, in a zone where advanced health and science facilities are already clustered, PHIX is ideally positioned to catalyze much-needed local collaboration.

Fueling the future of health innovation.

Canada has a long history of health innovations, from the creation of insulin, to the genetic engineer honoured as BC’s first Nobel Laureate. Imagine what we could do if we were collaborating properly together.

Here are some example projects that PHIX will be working on:

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Global growth needs a collaborative approach.

We envision PHIX as a project that triggers momentous change across traditional boundaries. It’s vital to start with a multidisciplinary approach.

We’re bringing together many different perspectives:
And people with experience and vision:

A more innovative health care system can start now.